After Kawasaki KX250 launched, bikers homeland very warmly welcome the arrival of trail bike "genuine" after less interest in seeing Suzuki TS125 whose shape is a little outdated in terms of both body and engine, and if you want to buy motorcros must pass IU so that price is expensive.

Looking at the previous generation KX 250 that its price up to 50 million more motor aja behavior let alone a smaller capacity and price. Therefore, Kawasaki issued a new product called KLX 140 with a capacity of only 144cc SOHC. Unfortunately no mention of the power generated from this motor with 5 speed.

This bike in the United States priced between USD 25.65 million to $ 28.5 million, is expected if these iron horses are assembled and sold in Indonesia, the price is not much different or can be pressed again considering tax in Indonesia is cheaper than in the country uncle sam. Here are the full specifications of the motor rake mud terrain this: